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Review shows no evidence of mobile phone health risk

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) have recently concluded a major safety review of mobile phones and have found no evidence that they harm human health.

This study has been the biggest review so far into mobile phone exposure. Hundreds of studies were looked at by the HPA and the researchers found no evidence that exposure can increase the risk of cancer, brain damage or infertility.

The HPA did indicate that they would continue to monitor the effects of mobile phone exposure. Mobiles have only been in use since the late 1990s and as such, not much is known about the effects of exposure beyond 15 years.

HPA guidance on mobile phone use will remain unchanged. People should continue to take a precautionary approach and children should be encouraged not to use mobile phones too much.

Speculation about the use of mobile phones and the impact on people’s health has been ongoing for years. The last HPA review in 2003 also found no evidence of harm. However, experts are calling for more research into the effect of radio frequencies on brain activity.

Some experts have also raised concerns that radio frequencies may cause behavioural problems in children. More and more devices are entering the market that emit radio frequencies and they will become more common in the home.

A spokesperson for the review group said: “Even though it’s relatively reassuring, I also think it’s important that we keep an eye on the rates of brain tumours and other cancers.”